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Our Expertise

8 Blocks Capital is a cryptocurrency trading firm supporting the growth of digital markets with leading trading technology and infrastructure. We provide liquidity in all the major exchanges, invest in promising and emerging projects and offer appropriate liquidity solutions for our clients.

Stocks and Trading Screen


Prop Trading

We have designed and developed several quantitative market-neutral market making strategies using proprietary techniques and state of the art trading algorithms. Our strategies are built on top of low latency robust infrastructure, co-located with various spot and derivatives exchanges.



We support projects building the future of blockchain ecosystem by providing liquidity. We partner with the top centralized and decentralized exchanges to provide the narrowest bid-ask spreads for end users.

Stock Exchange
Stock Market Graph


Execution Services

Our proprietary trading algorithms are responsible for delivering returns that substantially beat the markets. We offer best-in-class services that allows us to slowly accumulate or scale out of a position with minimal price impact.


Token Investments

We are long-term oriented and believe in the unrealized potential of blockchain technologies. We actively invest in all aspects of the blockchain ecosystem focusing on decentralized finance and metaverse projects.

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